Wednesday, April 18, 2012


  What kind of statement would you like to make with your patio space?

  Whether your taste is traditional, modern...or somewhat in between, let Coastal Rock Productions reflect your personal style and provide a focal point for your outdoor living. 

  Concrete pavers offer a tremendous array of advantages over other types of patio decks and areas. One of the great advantages of patio pavers is that each individual paver stone is surrounded by a bed of special grades sand and base materials.

    This provides a very strong platform and enough flexibility during seasonal temp changes and consistent expansion and contraction of the pavers. Insuring these changes will not cause cracking or movement in the pavers or design. Coastal Rock Productions provides a wide range of colors, textures, sizes and shapes for endless possibilities in patio design. Whether it’s a Dublin Cobble, Old English Style or a classic Cambridge Paver, we will be able to help you design, choose and create exactly what you want.

  We pride ourselves in our artisan’s eye for detail and with each project that we have taken on reflects this. Coastal Rock Productions has over 17 years of experience in design and has been honored to serve the Charleston Area for their outdoor needs.

  We also offer quality products, solid craftsmanship in our complete packages which include landscape design, fencing, water features, grilling areas and fire pits. Please consider our company when you decide to take on this exciting outdoor transformation. For different pictures and project ideas, please visit our website at

Friday, March 9, 2012


The holidays are gone, the bows have been put away and with spring up on us in the beautiful historic city of Charleston, SC many homeowners begin preparing for their landscape projects in order to beautify their estates. Your team at Coastal Rock Productions is here to help you with this process. March brings the promise of a new and better season, and the South Carolina Landscape is starting to show a reflection of our inner sense of hope and rejuvenation!
The first plants that come to mind when people think of the Lowcountry landscape are
Sago Palms (Cycas Revoluta), Evergreen Trees, Oleanders, Crape Myrtles(Lagerstroemia), Loropetalum Purple Pixie (Loropetalum Chinese), Azaleas (Azalea Indica), Camellia (Camellia Sassanqua), and many more.
Do you prefer an Asian themed garden, a English Formal style Garden , Rose Garden, Rock Garden, or even a Shade Garden. Coastal Rock Productions will be able to help you discover your design aesthetic. We can provide a wide variety of quality plants that come from one of the best nursery’s here in Charleston, Brownswood Nursery.

If it is flowers that you long to see in the spring and summer, your choices are limitless regardless of the layout of your property and we will also be able to provide you a handful of options. Whether it is perennials or annuals you will absolutely love the original design that we will provide for you.
Landscape Boulders are another way that you can add interest to your spring landscape. Coastal Rock Productions offers custom man made rock formations in any size, shape, and the colorations are endless. We also offer custom patios and grilling areas designed to meet all of our clients needs.

     Visit our website at and let your imagination run wild.

                                               You Imagine It, We Create It!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Coastal Rock Productions was hired to replicate the palisade wall exhibit at Charles Towne Landing located in Charleston, S.C. Jody Smith Owner/Artist of Coastal Rock Productions was approached by the park to preserve this historic site that was uncovered in 1969.

Charles Towne Landing was the site of the first permanent European settlement in the Carolina province. This area had approximately 148 colonist, including men, women, and children that landed at Albemarle Point on the first Wednesday in April of 1670.

To Enter the Charles Towne settlement in 1670 you traveled by boat to the front door of the settlement. The area of Albemarle Point is where the ADVENTURE is moored. The landside defense that the settlement had was the Palisade Wall. This wall was a wooden fence of sharpened logs with a ditch to the front to prevent access by hostile Native Americans who were allied to the Spanish.
The taller the better, so they dug a ditch, pilling the dirt along one edge of the wall. By constructing a palisade upon that headed up foundation, they would have forced attackers to fight from a lower disadvantaged position.
The settlement relocated, the palisade wall crumbled. Debris collected in the ditch, decomposing to form a dirt darker than the surrounding soil. Almost 300 years later, archaeologists found the long line of distinctive soil and recognized it as proof of the wall location. The palisade has now been partially reconstructed beside the stained dirt.

Newly Replicated Site
Coastal Rock Productions was excited about the challenge of replicating such a site using the medium of concrete. This will allow the park to show the historic value of this area without the consistent maintenance that is necessary to preserve the sites soils textures and colorations that are constantly effected by weather and time. Jody Smith prepared for the colorations needed for this replication by taking samples of the existing soils and matching them with a mixture of powder colorants that replicated the existing soil perfectly. Once achieving the blend, it was time to install the solid concrete substrate. The concrete was laid and textured to match the site when it first discovered. Looking over the many reference photos of that time and doing some research really helped in the efforts of preserving the area.
Concrete Coloration and Texture
Coastal Rock Productions is based out of Summerville, SC and does all kinds of work throughout the lowcountry from this sort of replication to full landscape installs and designs. The last time Smith worked at the park he replicated the lower pond area of the otter exhibit.

“I love working at this park and look forward to helping again in the future, you can’t beat the views here” says Smith.

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Great Historic Views