Monday, April 25, 2011


Create a relaxing retreat in your own yard.  Spring is definitely here and summer is on its way in the Lowcountry.  This is where Coastal Rock Productions, a company based out of Charleston, SC  can help you define your outdoor space with decorative concrete overlays, water features, landscaping, ponds, fire pits, outdoor grilling areas, and more.  There are so many options to choose from, that it can almost seem overwhelming.  We feel as a business that it is very important to have choices for our clients to select from but we also design our projects to fit what our clients want. Coastal Rock Productions is here to help you design what you want regardless of plant species, color, size, style, or location.  We use only high quality plants from our local nurseries, and our options of stone work are never-ending.

Even the essential touch ups whether it’s a new decorative concrete overlay for your back porch/patio or landscaping your common areas help us turn your backyard enclosure to a wonderful excuse to decorate.  Please visit us at to see what we can do. 


  1. Such a nice landscape, the patios are created so great even the concrete driveways. All things in your picture are so creative --Polished Concrete

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  4. While the cost of pavers can vary greatly, the cost for the other components (2a base stone, sand, edge restraint ect…) is pretty much the same no matter which material you choose. concrete installers near me