Saturday, April 16, 2011


Jody Smith Creating A Mud Bank
For An Otter Exhibit.
Hi I'm Jody Smith Owner / Artisan of Coastal Rock Productions & Overlay Solutions, LLC based out of Summerville, SC. I wanted to share a great training site that is owned and created by one of the top Vertical Decorative Concrete artisans in the world, Nathan Giffin. He is changing the way that we look at the Vertical Concrete arena as artists. He is a true friend and mentor that has changed my entire approach to this industry in many different ways. The training site has over 145 training videos. These videos take you on some amazing projects as they are completed step by step. He has also created videos on the most intricate details of the industry. Nathans work speaks for it self when viewed by his clients, fellow artists, or almost anyone who can see the value of solid craftsmanship. I owe a lot of my abilities to his teachings and recommend them to everyone who wants to be successful in this industry. I feel that there is no limitation to investing in yourself, and what an investment it is to be a member of VA!

Nathan has also created a brand new magazine that is going to showcase all of the artisans in the Vertical Decorative Concrete industry in a way like no other. The magazine is filled with opportunities and displays the talent and craftsmanship of many diverse artists. Nathan has included me in the design process of this exclusive upcoming magazine, I am honored.  What astounded me about this project is that there are so many different artists in the industry and now they have the chance to display their unique ability to design.  Look for the upcoming Magazine and updates on the Vertical Artisans forum. 

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  1. what is the concrete mix you use? do you sell it or just do the training videos?